Rules are pretty easy.

1) Don't be stupid.

2) No powergaming/godmoding..blahblah. If there's an issue. Roll dice, seriously. If there's a BIGGER issue, please leave it to the OPs to help resolve it.

3) Respect each other. This is a game, folks. Not real life.. I know it's easy to get heated over fights, missions, and other drama.. but at the end of the day this game is for fun. Please don't take anything personal!

4) Keep the OOC down. I'm not saying to have fun and chat it up, but if there's people playing, stop it. If the OPs get three consecutive complaints, you'll get a warning. Second time gets a kick. Third is a ban. This is a three strike process.

5) That's about it! Just have fun. OPs have the final say in stuff, please don't argue! :)